PHX Asset Integrity Services

Providing strategic support for the site’s long-range maintenance program, including tank inspections, coating evaluations and repairs. Argus Consulting provided Asset Integrity oversight services associated with the fuel systems at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Argus evaluated facility coatings and recommended repairs. Coating engineered life expectancy varies based on geographical regions, and due to the Arizona…

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Davis-Monthan AFB Type III Hydrant System

The new system eliminates a 50+ year old refueling system and eliminates the potential for leaks and cleanup costs and treatment. Argus performed the Design/Bid/Build of a JP-8 Type III hydrant fuel system to support the A-10 Warthog hot refueling efforts at Davis-Monthan AFB. The new hydrant fueling system serves nine aircraft parking positions, each…

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Project Planning Studies and Facility Assessments for the Military

Argus was contracted by the USACE – Omaha District to evaluate U.S. Army, Air Force, Air National Guard, Navy and Marine Corps facilities throughout the United States to identify code deficiencies. After deficiencies were identified through site visits to multiple DOD POL facilities, Argus provided a Deficiency Summary Report, which included a comprehensive list of…

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