South Carolina

System Analysis

Rental Car Fuel Facilities Tank Replacement at Columbia Metropolitan Airport

Our facility assessment provided options for replacing underground fuel storage with aboveground fuel facilities that are compliant and cost effective. Argus Consulting has been retained for planning, design, bidding and construction administration for a new fuel system at the rental car facilities supporting Columbia Metropolitan Airport. In 2017, Argus conducted an analysis of the existing…

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Charleston and Tampa DFSP Digital As-Builts

The Defense Fuel Supply Points (DFSP) at Charleston and Tampa needed As-Built documents to improve efficiency for engineering design services, training, maintenance planning and inspection projects. Using the latest Reverse Engineering technologies, Argus collected the as-built geometrical data to create 3D intelligent models, drawings and equipment specifications for the fuel receiving and fuel storage facilities…

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Project Planning Studies and Facility Assessments for the Military

Argus was contracted by the USACE – Omaha District to evaluate U.S. Army, Air Force, Air National Guard, Navy and Marine Corps facilities throughout the United States to identify code deficiencies. After deficiencies were identified through site visits to multiple DOD POL facilities, Argus provided a Deficiency Summary Report, which included a comprehensive list of…

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