Charleston and Tampa DFSP Digital As-Builts

The Defense Fuel Supply Points (DFSP) at Charleston and Tampa needed As-Built documents to improve efficiency for engineering design services, training, maintenance planning and inspection projects.

Using the latest Reverse Engineering technologies, Argus collected the as-built geometrical data to create 3D intelligent models, drawings and equipment specifications for the fuel receiving and fuel storage facilities as well as truck fuel stands and dockside fuel infrastructure and a rail loading rack at the Charleston DFSP.

Specialized Argus surveyors equipped with terrestrial 3D laser scanning collected full-coverage point cloud data of the equipment, aboveground piping, structures, and associated components to produce the 3D CAD intelligent models, Isometrics and Bill of Materials (BOM) along with 4K color photogrammetry of all facility components. The scan data is a high level of accuracy (within ±0.08 in), eliminating human field survey errors and producing drawings based on verifiable sources of data.

SAIM_Lidar Photo
4K Color photogrammetry