South Texas General Aviation Airport Fueling System

Located on the border with Mexico, demand for fuel had more than tripled at the airport in less than 10 years requiring a $1.36 million fuel system upgrade.

South Texas International Airport at Edinburg (KEBG), located north of Edinburg, Texas, replaced the existing underground Avgas 100LL and Jet-A fuel storage tanks and bulk loading capabilities with a new bulk fuel storage and dispensing Facility. The two (2) 12,000-gallon tanks and refueler loading skid systems are based upon the TXDOT Aviation System Standard as developed by Argus Consulting and modified to include 24/7 self-serve dispensing capabilities.

The system is designed to provide filtration of all fuel inbound and outbound, recirculation, 300 gpm loading and unloading, 30 gpm overwing dispensing, all piping and tanks are externally and internally coated, and the tanks are designed to provide for the ability to sump water from the tanks for fuel quality procedures. The state-of-the art system can pump fuel out of the tankers at very high rates and pump fuel into the mobile refueler in minutes.

The design compensated for the salty sea air due to the airport's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico.

Coatings were modified on the equipment to protect it from the elements, all above-ground piping was stainless steel, and the skids and tanks needed a protective epoxy exterior coating to protect from corrosion and rust. The project included decommissioning the 22-year-old underground fuel facility.