KRBO - Nueces County Airport - New AVGAS 100LL and Jet-A Storage and Dispensing Facility

The two-tank system is based on industry-proven fuel systems developed by Argus Consulting.

Argus provided design, bidding, and construction support services for a new fuel storage and dispensing system at the Nueces County Airport in Robstown, TX.


The overall project objective was to replace the outdated underground storage tank fuel system with a new, code compliant, aboveground facility and provide Jet-A storage and dispensing for the first time at the airport. The new facility included two 12,000-gallon double-wall fuel storage tanks (UL-2085) with a combination self-service over-wing fuel dispensing skid. The tanks were piped aboveground to the new dispensing skid and aircraft fueling position.

Each tank is configured to allow the installation of the 30 gpm over-wing self-serve dispenser with a credit card reader. Fuel is delivered via transport truck.

The system upgrades included adding fuel storage capacity for AVGAS 100LL and JET-A fuel. The new tanks were configured to allow transport delivery trucks to deliver fuel directly into the tanks. The dispensing skid included a state-of-the-art fuel management unit that included a credit card reader that can be accessed by pilots 24/7 for self-service fueling operations.


The proposed location needed to be selected to not interfere with current fueling and ramp operations during construction. The summer of 2021 saw unprecedented amounts of rain due to hurricanes in the southern Texas region. This caused severe flooding at the airport and Argus worked with the Contractor, Airport and TXDOT to monitor delays on the site preparation and concrete pouring portions of the project. The airport has experienced flooding previously, which presented significant risks to the integrity of the existing underground fuel storage system. With the installation of the above ground storage tanks and dispensing system, the fuel quality will no longer be at risk when flooding events occur.