LAS Motion Amplification

For continuous and healthy operation of the pumps, Argus recommends a yearly Motion Amplification analysis.

Argus conducted a Motion Amplification (MA) vibration analysis of the pumps and surrounding piping system within McCarran International Airport Bulk Fuel Storage, East Facility, to detect any excessive vibration that can cause failure and damage. Motion Amplification technology allows a complete non-destructive visual and technical analysis of the level and source of vibration as well as alignment of the pump packages and the surrounding piping.

A thorough assessment that goes beyond codes and standards.

Argus completed the MA assessment of 12 hydrant system pumps, the associated skids and surrounding piping, looking for any excessive vibration and/or misalignment of the pumps and surrounding piping to ensure the recommended levels of relevant industry Codes & Standards.  MA is a vibration visualizer technology, which isolates and shows amplified frequencies in slow motion to better visualize the extent and the source of any vibration.  Systematic measurements were taken on each pump and the surrounding piping to investigate all the movements present in the system and to isolate and investigate possible detrimental movements.  Any excessive vibrations were investigated for their frequency, magnitude and physical source of the vibration and evaluated for maximum permissible vibration limits based on guidelines published in API 610 - Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries.

Argus produced a summary report and videos of the investigation, including any displacement, spectrums and phase analysis plots on the pumps, motors and piping and provided recommendations.