OWS Replacement for Class 1 Railway

Argus analysis determined the need for a new oil water separator to minimize the risk of environmental non-compliance.

Argus provided an analysis of potential causes of elevated oil and grease and BTEX levels in the industrial wastewater discharge from a railyard to the public sewer. The IWTP has a history of compliance and there have been no changes in the source areas that would affect the treatability of the wastewater with the current equipment. The OWS dates to the early 1990s and showed signs of significant structural deterioration.

To minimize future risk of environmental non-compliance Argus recommended a newer Oil Water Separator with the ability to recirculate the treated water until the system has stabilized and the IWTP operator can ensure the discharged water will comply with the industrial pre-treatment permit.  Argus performed design and construction services for the replacement as well as adding automation of monitoring and recirculation/discharge control, and water quality sampling ports to the influent and effluent to the OWS to facilitate process monitoring.