LAS Pipeline Project

Providing infrastructure improvements at McCarran's two fuel storage facilities to support increased receiving capacity for future demand at the international airport in Las Vegas.

Fuel is delivered to the Las Vegas metroplex via a 235-mile multiproduct pipeline and a dedicated Jet-A pipeline, owned and operated by Kinder Morgan. The pipelines run from Colton, California, to terminal facilities in North Las Vegas. A dedicated lateral pipeline connects to the dedicated Jet-A mainline at a breakout facility at Bracken Junction and supplies jet fuel to the airport.

To support the increasing demand for Jet-A fuel at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, the Airline Consortium evaluated various scenarios to receive fuel into the future. Argus was retained by the airline consortium to provide technical support during negotiations with Kinder Morgan, assist in the development and analysis of a variety of pipeline alternatives and evaluate the infrastructure improvements that will be required at the two airport storage facilities to support the increased receiving capacity.

Serving as the Program Manager throughout the multi-year endeavor

Ultimately, the Airline Consortium elected to negotiate a connection agreement with Kinder Morgan and to construct a new 3.6-mile pipeline spur off of both Kinder Morgan pipeline and into new receiving infrastructure at the airport fuel storage facility. The new pipeline extends through downtown Las Vegas and includes crossing under Interstate 15 and Las Vegas Boulevard. This project is unique in that the Consortium will own the DOT pipeline ultimately resulting in significant cost savings by eliminating fuel tariffs over the lifetime of the pipeline.

Argus serves as the Program Manager representing the Consortium throughout this multi-year program and continues management of the overall program schedule and budget.  Following construction, Argus will continue to support the Consortium in an advisory role to ensure assets are being properly maintained and generally in compliance with DOT requirements.